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The 6 Budgeting Challenges Most People Face, And How to Handle Them

When it comes to money, it’s more common to have challenges saving and budgeting than not. If you’ve found yourself caught between a rock and a hard place, there’s no need to worry or beat yourself up. These are common problems we all face, and with a few tips and tricks, you can work around…

5 Emergencies to Consider When Safety Budgeting

An emergency fund should be a part of everyone’s saving priorities.  It’s a nice little cushion to keep you resilient in the event of unforeseen circumstances that change your financial situation. It can be a lifeline when the unexpected happens and offers peace of mind when things seem to start taking a turn.  Having an…

Home Energy Tax Credits and Rebates That Can Reduce the Costs of Home Ownership

Residential energy credits aren’t just for big projects like solar panels. That said, the credits for more common upgrades such as doors, windows, and insulation have been rather limited. There was a lifetime limit of $500 for those items. But great news for homeowners: the Inflation Reduction Act changes that starting in 2023. Residential Energy…

6 Easy Rules for Budgeting with Irregular Income

Having a plan for our money keeps us on track and lets us work towards our savings and investing goals. But how do you make a plan when your income varies? Whether you’re an employee whose hours vary or an entrepreneur starting your own business, h...

Budgeting  January 31, 2023
Can Corporate Bottom-Up Budgeting Principles Apply to Your Personal Finances?

While there are certainly many differences between your personal spending needs and corporate spending, understanding a business-based approach to budgeting may help you see spending and saving in a different light.  For instance, businesses have d...

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